Leaving The Crossroads

16_ABRAHAM_VALENTINEThe good point about my taking so long to post is that it leaves time for things to happen in between post. And as the last post was about my application to University, this one is about acceptance to it, which I received a couple of days ago. So this is it, I will be back to school on september, studying “Painting & Drawing” in Concordia… It feels really good to have finally made a decision for my future even though it is quite scary to think of all the possibilitites that disapear forever!
Anyway, to celebrate, above is one of the paintings I inculded in my portfolio.


A Hard Day’s Night (Or more like a hard couple of months!)

I have spent my last few months getting seriously back at art, believe it or not. Irronicaly, my lack of posting is due to my focus on actually creating new intersting stuff to present for my application to University… Well, this is all over now and as I am in a “no more art for god’s sake leave me a break” phase, I can start showing you what I’ve been doing during that time!
Or that’s what you would think. But, being my distracted self, I didn’t think to take good pictures or scan of the work I sent in my portfolio, so I’ll need to wait until april to have it back and show it to you… For my defense, I’ve been really dried out of energy and wisdom by the sleepless nights of trying to paint something good.
Well, at least, I have pictures of the ones that were too big to send the original version… Guess you’ll have to settle for that for now!

Birds & Wishes

Yes, I know, lately this blog has been as active as… Hm… A rock? What is less active than a rock? Anyway, I feel I spend all my time at work and when I don’t I’m always with my friends to try to feel a little less like I spend all my time at work… It’s a little early for new year’s resolution, but I guess one could be to take some time off no matter what just for art. It would be a real good one, wouldn’t it? Anyhow, I wish all of you a very happy new year full of magic, laughter, imagination, travels, friends, familly, sleepless nights, chocolate, kisses, music, sunshine and, well, beauty of course!

Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon.

Portrait Alice ModifiéGirl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon – Urge Overkill
A few weeks ago I made a portrait of my sister which I quite liked. The only problem is, clumsy as I am (yes, I’m not only Master of Procrastination, but of clumsiness also) I painted behind the cover of my paper pad. Which isn’t meant to be painted on. Which kinda scraped the face… It upset me very much, so I took a little time to make peace with it, but now here it is! Only, as you may notice, there is two versions of it. As I was trying to compensate my low quality scanner on photoshop, I accidentally changed the colors in the opposite way and liked it very much! So I began to have fun changing the colors and that gives the first drawing. The second one is actually the first version, which I now like much less than the new one…
I find it very intersting to be able to make such drastic changes on your art now using computers! That way, you can learn for the next drawings much more efficitenly and test all kinds of things…
As for the song, I finally saw Pulp Fiction a few days ago and just loved it. No, actually, love is too weak a word to describe how I felt while watching it. And after. And still now. What a masterpiece! I must do something based on that one of those days… Anyway, since then, I can’t get this song out of my head and I thought it suited pretty well the painting, don’t you?


Foxes & Ponctuality

renardsimonToday, as a bonus with the drawings you get to learn two things about me. Not that you care in the least or asked for it, but you can just watch the image and leave, right? It is not in my power to keep you here anyway. So, for those of you who decided for some obscure reason to keep up with my random talking, here’s the information:
First, I’ve been brought up in the belief that birthday are very VERY important. I’ve always been a little astonished by people that barely celebrate theirs. Therefore, I always try to do something special for the people I care about on their birthday.
Second, the sad part is that I’m the master of procrastination, so even if I always INTEND to do something special, I always end up doing it either very late or not at all… Pretty lame, I know.
BUT, this time, for one of my friend’s birthday I’m only 2 months late! Not so terrible… As he absolutely love foxes, I painted him one and after many (like, MANY) hours of work I’m pretty happy with the result. It had been a very long time since I’d taken the time to really do art more than quick doodles and I really missed it… I must do it more often, so I guess I’l have a lot of birthday present to catch up on, now!
That’s all for the pep talk, I leave you with a song now : White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
(foxes, pretty conceptual, right?)



Today my sister was the very tired one so I only managed to get a 5 minutes sketch of her before she feel asleep while posing… Well, nobody said I had to do a very elaborate drawing each time, right? Anyway, before wednesday I will post a watercolor I did for my friend’s birthday, which I spent a looot of hours on, so you guys that want elaborate will be satisfied. Until then, have a nice week and good luck for monday!

So Tired…

No Alice today (again) butI will post one of her in the week. In the meantime, this is a card I made for my great aunt who is currently at the hospital. That’s pretty much all I feel like saying about it (and I’m way too tired to say anything else) so I’ll leave you with the song that suits my actual mood. And well, the painting, of course. I hope you guys are in a better state than I am!
I’m so tired – The Beatles